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Bus Driver Told to Continue Route With Dying Passenger Onboard

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a driver on Philadelphia’s SEPTA system noticed one of her passengers, an elderly man, was unresponsive, had urinated on himself, and was drooling. When advised, the control center ordered her to continue to operate her route, not wanting to delay service. A supervisor boarded as she proceeded and checked the man, advised he was breathing but unresponsive, then instructed her to proceed to her terminal, making all stops, where the police would meet her.

Let’s Talk About Intermodal Transportation

For those of you who do not know, intermodal transportation is transportation that covers multiple modes of transport…bus, train, plane.

It is a significantly overlooked part of the bigger transportation picture. Why can’t plane connect to train or connect to bus? Most cities don’t look at these things…

NYC Adds Luggage Racks to Airport Buses But Not Service

The MTA rolled out the first buses with luggage racks this week. The racks, which replace several seats toward the back of the bus, will be on the M60 route between Broadway and 125th St. and LaGuardia Airport. Eventually, the MTA will have racks on 10 buses on seven routes.

NYC Mayor Calls for Transit Improvements

Mayor Mike Bloomberg, despite having no significant influence over the MTA, which runs city trains and buses, and is a state agency, has called for a variety of different transit improvements as part of his reelection platform.

Google Transit Maps for Boston Unveiled

On Thursday, Google Maps announced the MBTA, the Boston Transit system, would now appear on Google Maps. This includes commuter rail, subway, bus and ferry schedules. We think this is wonderful. Anything that adds to the ability of riders to take public transportation is a good thing. But not everyone is happy…

Getting up and Down the Northeast Corridor

Recently, we decided to take a trip from our hometown of New York City down to Washington D.C. and started planning. Over the years, we’ve taken the plane many times, a car, and even the train. But we’ve never tried the bus.

Music on Transit: TARC Bike Rack Rap

When we heard about this, we couldn’t resist posting it. Bike racks mounted on the front of buses are becoming increasing popular in some cities, to encourage two good alternatives to the car. People are biking to not only help the environment, but to save money and get exercise. And TARC, the Transit Authority of River City created this video last year to educate patrons on how to use a bike rack.