Go Greyhound? Should We Leave the Driving to Them?

People accept a lot from Greyhound and bus service in general because it is the cheapest form of intercity travel. But should they?

The Consumerist reported last month that on the story of Miriam. Miriam bought a Greyhound ticket, but the bus skipped her stop without notifying her. They refused to provide her money, as she’d purchased a nonrefundable ticket. She was advised the stop was skipped as the bus was running late. That is disappointing enough, but no announcement was made. According to someone Miriam spoke to at the bus station, it happens all the time. Schedules are more like suggestions, we suppose, than anything else.

Elsewhere, courtesy of the same site, Richard, who is in a wheelchair, tried to take Greyhound, using the service Greyhound provides, which requires he make reservations so they can schedule a lift-equipped bus. but, he felt as if, every step of the way, he was ignored, forgotten, and treated as a burden to Greyhound personnel.

Now, both of these stories are examples of horrible customer service. Now, in all fairness, Greyhound is trying to improve its image. They have started deploying new buses to compete with smaller companies. These buses offer free wi-fi, seatbelts, and outlets. But, as Gadling said, in their recent article, Greyhound Travel: The Imperfect Lover, “Bus people have a certain air of resignation and quiet about them. Their expectations are low.

Other companies, such as Megabus, have come in because they recognize there is a call for inexpensive, clean, and well-run bus service on various routes. They are looking for a higher quality of bus service. It isn’t just about the wi-fi…every form of transport is jumping on that bandwagon. It is about making people want to ride the bus again.

What could Greyhound have done? Well, for Miriam, revise their stopping procedures. It is all right to miss a stop if you know no one is there. But if you require reservations for passengers boarding in less popular places, then you know someone is waiting. It is time for Greyhound to live up to its promise to clean up its act.