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Empty Boston Train Derails

A Green Line train derailed in a switching area near Government Center Wednesday evening. The train, which was carrying no passengers, went off the rails as it was moving at low speed to an outbound platform from a turnaround loop.

Google Transit Maps for Boston Unveiled

On Thursday, Google Maps announced the MBTA, the Boston Transit system, would now appear on Google Maps. This includes commuter rail, subway, bus and ferry schedules. We think this is wonderful. Anything that adds to the ability of riders to take public transportation is a good thing. But not everyone is happy…

Train Operator Under Scrutiny in Muni Crash

As we report on the results an investigation into a crash in Boston, another investigation into a crash continues. On Saturday, a San Francisco Muni train rear-ended another at the West Portal Station(pictured left, from our archives). About 50 people were injured when a K-train sitting in the station was hit by an L-train going about twice the normal speed.

Transportation Infrastructure is Too Old

The New York Times reports that federal data shows that many cities are using outdated equipment. The issue was picked up recently due to the Washington DC Metro crash that left nine dead and many more injured.

San Francisco Unveils New Cable Car

Yesterday, a brand new cable car was added to the city’s historic fleet. The car, a reproduction built using original blueprints, took five years to build and cost $823,000 for materials and labor. The new car, number 15, will serve Powell-Mason line.