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NYC Adds Luggage Racks to Airport Buses But Not Service

The MTA rolled out the first buses with luggage racks this week. The racks, which replace several seats toward the back of the bus, will be on the M60 route between Broadway and 125th St. and LaGuardia Airport. Eventually, the MTA will have racks on 10 buses on seven routes.

New York 1 Cancels In Transit

From 2004 to 2009, New York 1 offered a weekly 15 minute Transit News show, “In Transit”. This week, Bobby Cuza, who started the program, which aired on Friday and repeated on Saturday and Sunday, announced that he was leaving the transit beat to become a political reporter.

Transportation Infrastructure is Too Old

The New York Times reports that federal data shows that many cities are using outdated equipment. The issue was picked up recently due to the Washington DC Metro crash that left nine dead and many more injured.