New York 1 Cancels In Transit

Dekalb Avenue by David Shankbone
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From 2004 to 2009, New York 1 offered a weekly 15 minute Transit News show, “In Transit“. This week, Bobby Cuza, who started the program, which aired on Friday and repeated on Saturday and Sunday, announced that he was leaving the transit beat to become a political reporter for the station, and thus In Transit is canceled, perhaps forever.

The format of the show was simple. Cuza, or sometimes a guest host, would recap the top transit stories of the week, update us on weekend subway diversions, show us a clip of NYC Transit in the Movies, and then fill the rest of the time with a discussion with a guest, 99% of the time Pete Donohue from the New York Daily News.

The only other regular transit show in New York is the MTA’s own show, Transit Transit. It is a 30 minute show produced once monthly, which promotes destinations for the MTA and its partner organization, features programs and services offered, etc. It isn’t a timely or as news focused.

In Transit was a valuable tool for keeping us informed about transit developments in New York City, our hometown. We think New York 1 should have found someone else to take it over, and committed to the program before Cuza announced it was leaving, but there is always hope.

There are other resources for New York City and other transit news. We’ll be adding some to the sites link section, and covering them in the future. Until then, stay tuned.