Music on Transit: TARC Bike Rack Rap

When we heard about this, we couldn’t resist posting it. Bike racks mounted on the front of buses are becoming increasing popular in some cities, to encourage two good alternatives to the car. People are biking to not only help the environment, but to save money and get exercise.

And TARC, the Transit Authority of River City created this video last year to educate the people of Louisville, Kentucky. Use of the bus bike racks spiked when the video, which only took $4000 to produce came out in February of 2008.

Bring it down, pull the bar
Put it on, put it on
Take it off, put it up
Then you’re done, then you’re done!

Lots of fun. We hope to find more transit related music videos in the future. Do you have any you want to share with us? Tweet us at @TransitWisdom.

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